October 2011 Sunshine summary

October in the rain shadow is a transition month from summer to winter, and really is our only fall month; September leans heavily toward summer, and November definitely is winter, as is evidenced by the weather today, November 11th.

October 2011 ended up with 17 partly or mostly sunny days, and 14 cloudy days in Sequim. The month had 7 blue-bird mostly sunny days, and 9 rain shadow days. (A rain shadow day is one when its partly/mostly sunny at the rain shadow location while its cloudy/dreary in Seattle.)

In contrast, Seattle had only 3 blue-bird sunny days, and recorded 18 cloudy days.

I had the good fortune of spending the last third of the month based in the rain shadow, and was surprised that even on the “cloudy” days, there were often clear sunrises and starry evenings.  The rain we did have fell heavily and departed quickly, really not interfering with outdoor activities like bicycling and boating at all. On one of the cloudy days, the rain shadow had simply shifted a little out into the Strait, and we were able to chase it down in the boat; on that trip we ran into this fella, who also seemed to be enjoying the shadow.

Here is the monthly summary…

And here is the daily log…

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