David’s top ten ways to deal with June gloom in Seattle

David’s top ten ten ways to deal with June gloom in Seattle:

  1. Get a flex time job so you can enjoy the few days that are good
  2. Work a lot so you don’t think about the weather
  3. Go road biking near Sequim
  4. Go mountain biking near Port Angeles
  5. Take up fly fishing in Eastern Washington
  6. Tourist around in Port Townsend, the Skagit Valley, or the San Juan’s
  7. Go shopping…preferably for waterproof outdoor gear
  8. Work on the yard…trim the jungle and plant grass…both grow well in the gloom
  9. Take up back country skiing…the more overcast the weather, the longer the season
  10. Leave town…everywhere else is like a tropical vacation

Five particular challenges during June gloom

  1. Hosting an outdoor party
  2. Hosting out of town guests
  3. Exterior painting
  4. Eclipses, stargazing, and fireworks
  5. Festivals
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