Now, that was a Sunny Day!

Certainly¬† you have noticed how significantly brighter things have seemed during the last several days. Well, as it turns out, Tuesday February 8th marked a major milestone in the rain shadow. The peak level of sunshine was the highest recorded since October 2nd!! We haven’t had a chance to compare this to Seattle yet, but on that particular day, Sequim was in a very nice post frontal period, while Seattle and the cascade foothills saw a combination of overcast and clear weather with a bit of convergence zone still in the mix.

As we noted, often things come together in February in the rain shadow for some nice sunny days and a definite turn toward spring. The days are a bit longer, the sun a bit higher in the sky, and the storms seem to move through a bit quicker. This all results in lawns and daffodils growing, birds chirping, and happy people.

Take a look at the chart below which shows solar radiation over the last four months. You will immediately see the bright sunny day recorded on this last Tuesday, February 8th. Go sun! Go shadow!

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